How to update all get and set functions

I have a blueprint from an asset on the Marketplace and I need to change the anim bp. There is a single function that handles the casting of the existing anim bp and it is used extensively throughout the code. I can change the cast function to the correct anim bp but all of the Get and Set functions are looking for a target that refers to the old anim bp. There are a LOT of these Get and Set functions and I wondering if there is a way to convert all of them at once. Thanks

You can do it from the content browser. You can replace all references to one asset, with references to another ( here, your BP ).

Here’s a vid:

Before you try and do it, I’d recommend you REALLY get how it works, and try it out on a dummy project first. Also backup the project you intend to do it on.


Absolutely outstanding! I had no idea that functionality existed and I’m grateful for you pointing it out. I would like to particularly thank you for the video. It was concise and clear and helped a lot. Again, thank you so much for your help.

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