How to update a project that relies on many assets from the marketplace?

Hello everyone,

We are using in our project many assets bought in the marketplace (about 30). We use them mainly for graphics-related contents, like materials, meshes and effects.

Now we’d like to update our project from 4.24.3 to 4.25.4 and eventually to 4.26.

What is the recommended way to update the marketplace assets without losing internal links (with the maps for example)?
I know that almost all the assets in the marketplace are shipped in multiple versions, one for every engine version, but how could I safely replace old ones with new ones? Can I do that at all or should I rely on the Editor built-in automatic update?

Thank you very much for any help

You can just install them in the normal way. BUT… don’t do that if you have edited any of the content!

IE, if you changed materials of meshes or blueprint or anything, without first making your own copy, it can’t be done.

Thank you for the answer! Wow it seems very simple, so the asset creators have the responsibility to guarantee that the update doesn’t break any link.
And what does it happen if an asset doesn’t have a newer version available, will the old assets work in the new engine version?

It really depends what sort of asset it is. If you’re talking about props and meshes, you can probably just go plowing straight in. But if you’re talking about blueprint heavy content or plugins you’ll need to test.

If a version isn’t available, you have to migrate it from the closest project.

Also, the easiest way is to just copy the project ( ie, do this on a copy, keep the original ), update all the assets, then open it with 4.26.

( Then wait about an hour while shaders compile ).

But that would give you a good idea of where to go next…

Thank you very much, I will try that way. Now I feel more confident since we are using marketplace assets just for meshes and materials. I cross my fingers :slight_smile: