How to unpossess an actor from sequencer!

I have an actor BP vehicle that plays a pre-made animation in sequencer, I want to be able to blend to my playable mode animation blueprint. I am only able to go to animbp through “animation mode toggle” in sequencer, however while I could take control over the actor and move it around it wont play the animations at all, it’s as if the entire animation graph is not being accessed.

If I remove the actor from sequencer it starts playing correctly again as it should, how do i tell sequencer to let go or unpossess the actor and give back full control to the player while sequencer is still playing in the background?

I would really appreciate some help!

Solved, after wasting a whole day trying to figure it out. Apparently the way sequencer and animBP talk to each is buggy as hell or simply not efficient. We ended creating a master sequence and applying this through shots for it to work.

No documentation or help online that we could find either.

I’m going to bump this up again as the solution I once thought was a solution doesn’t seem to be working because Sequencer hiccups at transition points between shots creating a glitch for a second or two in the game.

I have no idea how some devs out there go about doing a simple task as this when it has been such a pain for some of us here. I mean if we can’t talk to animbp properly from sequencer how in the world are we supposed to do seamless animation transitions from cinematic to gameplay modes?

Someone care to take the time and explain?

Thanks in advance.