How to unload level?

tried “set should be visible” to false - no any effect, anyway i see 2 levels in same time //
“set should block on unload” - no effect // “set should be loaded” to false - no effect

to check if level unloaded i using wind turbine :slight_smile:
so, it looks like -

solved with unload forcing, but anyway, if there is some better method - will be glad :slight_smile:

Hello, i have streaming level, let it be “2-3” and another streaming level “2-3s”, both have same location and different layers (zero distance). How to make level “2-3” loaded and “2-3s” unloaded? Script on screenshot not unloading level.

kk, if i making “Unload stream level” and asking “is level loaded” with next node - print string answering “level loaded” // “unload level” node actually working?

If you want to load 2-3 and unload 2-3s, all you need is:

Sorry, I don’t know what you have going on there, but there is no mystery to streaming, either you load or you unload. Try something like this:

just to check it’s working.

If a level wont unload, it just means you have the name wrong.

Stream level anyway will be loaded then, because character is inside this level and cross it’s bounds :slight_smile:
So mistery is how to unload unnecessary level and hold in as “unloaded” and don’t give to load it again

And result is

Ahh… you’re mixing volumes and blueprint. Yeah, kinda fiddly maybe…

More correct variation of forcing load-unload

So, if to use layers with same locations - in any case when character cross level bounds all layers will be loaded, by engine’s streaming. Then i just need to check, if 2-3 layer is loaded - hold it’s state with “disable distance streaming”., then unload unnecessary 2-3s layer and same too - hold it’s state as unloaded.

all works fine, i just don’t like “fake tick” (delay 0.02) here