How to Uninstall Unreal Engine 4 when there is no REMOVE option or X

I have URE 4.26.1 and I want to uninstall it and then install UE5. From what I’ve searched and read there is supposed to be a REMOVE option or an X that will allow me to uninstall UE4 however there is no REMOVE or X or anything of the like. There also is no UE4 in Windows Add/Remove programs so I can’t go that route.

How does one get rid of UE4.26.1 when the Epic Games launcher has no option to remove it?

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You can always just delete it from the drive you know…
Just don’t forget to delete related folders from AppData as well.

Thanks for replying but I found out how to do this shortly after posting this but the post was still under review by moderator so I couldn’t change or delete it.


Thank you for replying but that X is not on the UE Icon that I click to launch the engine. Shortly after the post I found out that in order to get to where there is an X or uninstall option within the Epic Launcher app, you have to select the LIBRARY tab at the top. If you have another tab, like the first (default) tab and on the left side you select the Unreal Engine tab then the icon showing the UE version that launches the engine when you click on it does not have that X nor an Uninstall option. Every single post/answer on many forums to the question of how to uninstall UE had this same image you provided but did not specify that the top tab must be set to LIBRARY. The default actions of the Epic App are to open with the News Tab selected and STORE on the left side. Unless you know that you must select the LIBRARY tab you don’t know that there are multiple Launch UE Buttons and that only the one located on the LIBRARY tab has the uninstall; option. I believe this is why there are so many instances of How To Uninstall UE on the various forums.

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Thank you - worked a treat!

thank you so much for helping me uninstall ue