How to uninstall Unreal Engine 4 in Linux?


With the AnswersHub down and with the lack of documentation regarding Linux, I’ll ask here: how can I uninstall UE4 in Linux?


As you are doing a


which creates a binary file in a subdirectory, you only need to delete the folder.

Have you checked out the Linux doc pages?

The above link will take you to a step by step guide for how to install UE4 on Linux.

@CharlesL99 That’s great, but there isn’t a Epic Games Launcher for Linux.

[USER=“868”]Sam Deiter[/USER] There is nothing there on UNinstalling.

@UnsignedFoo Mainly, yes. But there are other files located at ~/.config. I can locate those and erase them if I want to, but I think we are missing the point as there is no direct way to actually erase the Engine in Linux. For example, the installation process in Linux adds the .uproject files to the configuration file for xdg-open which allows a user to double click the project and it opens Unreal Engine. Simply erasing stuff won’t actually clean these nuances and caveats.