How to understand grammar and punctuation of blueprints?

I’ve never programed code before learning UE4 blueprints. After a lot of tutorials I have a understanding of blueprint nodes or a decent vocabulary of them.
How do you figure out the punctuation of connecting the nodes?

A different way to look at it is if given a blueprint recipe ingredients list I understand the individual parts but not the order they should be mixed in to reach the goal.

Is there any training or a book I should read to understand the logic behind programming?


Hey Bigpapaleo,

By rule of thumb, there will be certain things that you need before you can access other things. When using blueprints, try to keep in mind the scope of each thing. Is what I’m trying to access inside another blueprint? Is it inside a function? Is it inside a UMG? Depending on where these things are, you have to go access them first.

For instance, before you can access your first person character’s variable health, you need a reference to the first person character. So in this case, you’d want to get a reference to actor, cast that actor to first person character, then obtain the health variable.

Another thing to keep in mind is that you need certain values before moving on.

For instance, you want to know how much damage your character takes after being shot. You can’t just lower the character’s health at the start. You need to know what kind of bullet hit you, what kind of armor you’re wearing, so on. Once you have these values, you can move on to decreasing your character’s health.

Lastly, a big thing in blueprints is flow control. Branches, gates, loops, ect. These are purely logic based, and you get to decide what happens. Use these to implement things like in the examples shown above.

Thanks for replying Mookiez,

I spent the weekend reading out loud all of the blueprint documentation trying to figure out what I’m not understanding. Also doing different tutorials. You’re definitely right about scope and the flow of blueprints. The more I thought about the my question the answer might be I need to focus on memorizing more nodes.

Also the pace that I’m learning and the pace of what I want to create with UE4 aren’t the same pace.