How to understand blueprint documentation?

I’m reading the documentation of GetHitResultUnderCursorbyChannel, but I don’t understand what it does, t’s not clear what it’s a cursor neither it explains how the inputs interact with the outputs.

Just like this one, there are several other pages/objects/classes that don’t have anything particularly useful in the documentation for a UE4 novice like me.

What’s the best way to understand the documentation? or how can I find the correct objects for my needs?

unfortunately the documentation isn’t perfect, i recommend you to use “go to definition” when the documentation isn’t explaining well, you can do it by right clicking in the node and clicking in “go to definition”, it’s going to open the code where the function/macro/event was defined, sometimes it’s blueprint code, sometimes it’s C++, it will probably be harder to understand, but it’s something

I would suggest to start with the countless tutorial videos, that can be found for instance on the youtube channel of UE4. It’s much easier to understand when someone shows you how to use it properly. At least in my opinion, it surely depends on personal taste if reading documentation or watching tutorials is the better learning source.

I’m more concerned about the documentation as a reference, not for learning. Certainly for learning the videos might be helpful.