How to twitch stream UE4?

Hi Guys!

Im fairly new to UE4 but wanted to stream my learning experiences on twitch and get feedback from general viewers. Earler today I set up my twich streaming account with the key and gave it an appropriate title etc. I began streaming however, after about 5 minutes I checked the stream and realised that the screen had gone black and I could only see the tooltips showing up.

I decided to disable the tooltips but that didnt really seem to make much of a difference.

Any idea on what I can do?


What streaming software are you using? From what I’ve seen most require some setup to be sure what you want people to see can be seen. I have used OBS and another I can’t recall the name of and they both required that you define what apps are being streamed and what isn’t. Check out Twitch’s blog or support forums for more info on how to get rolling on streaming anything not just UE4.

Using OBS but switched to Window Capture and it seems to work.
I was using game capture at first.