How to turn the mouse cursor on in a new project/level and use it for interaction?

I’m currently working on setting up some RTS control. I’ve looked at the mouse interaction content example and can’t seem to determine how to turn the mouse cursor on in a new project/level and how to use it for interaction.

Currently when I hit play, the mouse cursor stays hidden and when I tag the left mouse click to print mouse location it prints out 0, 0, 112. And no matter how much I move my mouse the position stays locked to this position.

What am I missing?


In the PlayerController there are properties in the mouse interface section to specify whether you want the mouse to be visible or not. Probably that’s your first step in getting the behaviour you want.

After going through the forums, I found a link to the actual tutorial. Going through this answered all my questions. Content Examples Sample Project for Unreal Engine | Unreal Engine 5.1 Documentation

I tried following this but my cursor still doesn’t turn into a hand when i mouseover my object. Does the mouse over event not work on the Character Class?

Did you try this?

This thing enables and disabled the mouse cursor, i can click an in game UE4 browser with it so it`s interactive with the game.

The 3 can be replaced with any keyboard button, that overlap box is nothing, its`s a leftover from something else.

To interact with what is under your mouse you can use this.
Just make sure your “PlayerController” is set correctly.