How to Turn only Head, not entire Body?

So how do I, having a full body, in first person view(just a detail), when turning a mouse will make only my head turn, not entire body?
Thats a very tricky stuff… I remember such a thing was in Skyrim`s mod immersive FPS and in outlast when standing still.
Thank you

I too would also like to know the complete solution to this, for multi-player as well.

Mine works however when I walk backwards he doesn’t use the walk backwards animation it calculates the backwards from the head rotation.

In short Leto,

You need to find the Pitch and Yaw of your mouse and save these as float variables. I have done this in my character Blueprint. (So I could replicate them for multiplayer).

Then you need to cast from your Animation BP and use these variables to set another variable in the Animation BP. You will then need to create a Blendspace for looking in all different directions and have the variables drive that blendspace, use this blendspace to create a partial animation just for the Head bone. You will also need to change the tank controls in the defaults of your Character BP I think its called Use Characters Rotation (Something like that).

If you search for Aimoffset tutorial this will help you greatly.

I have some issues in mine so if anyone can provide a tutorial to have this working with Multiplayer it would be great to see what i’m failing at in mine.