How to turn off swarm

Hello, is there a way to disconnect this. i use only one computer, and it takes a couple of seconds to basically do nothing each time i build something

i think swarm is used for building your lighting deleting that is like deleting bake lighting

yeah but then you can tell it not to check for other computers then. and i’m pretty sure i won’t need bake lighting anyways, as my map is too big for this. pretty sure i’ll have to go fully dynamic

Make sure to turn off static lighting altogether in your project settings. This reduces cost slightly.

well, realistically its more than that, you win a full recompile shaders, which on a finished project can take several hours.
But you also win on compiling future shaders, since they’ll take a little less to compile each.

On turning off swarm, you sort of can, but its a really be idea.

And even large maps with world comp can have baked light.
It takes forever and a half to bake, but for situations where you know the sun angle won’t be changing and the lights around the level won’t go on/off it is actually much better on performance. To the point it could be game breaking btw.

A baked demo level can run fine at max quality in 4k at around 100fps. When you switch to dynamic you can rapidly drop to around 20fps wirh everything looking much, much worse.
We can probably start calling this “the engine’s built in E3 demo effect”…

i’ll use a seven days weather system. so i believe you’re talking of interiors? i’ll have extremelly few interiors. swarm itself is not a big deal. but the thing is each time i try something and build stuff i loose 5s for the thing to search inexistant computers

I think you can configure not to search, but with what you described dynamic is probably the best way to go.

I would also like to turn off swarm, since I am on Linux and I don’t have any windows systems to act as a coordinator. I’m also running a 64core box with dual RTX 1080 cards and have 256gb of memory. Compiling shaders takes like 3 minutes. Any ideas on turning off the need for swarm network connections or the manager?

Recompiling the editor without it.

OT but does UE uses all 64 cores, or only a part of them. i ask coz it takes the same time than for me with my 24 cores

@chihifregilover Actually not entirely sure whether it is or not. I think a lot of it is handled in the GPUs as well?

And on the topic of compiling out Swarm from the editor, normally it’s not a problem, only when changing content from a windows based game. So I do want it typically, I would just like to be able to rebuild lighting locally without Swarm. So far it’s looking like there’s no easy way to “turn it off”.

What about the actual swarm settings? Can’t you just set it to not search for other machines?
I remember having to do the opposite… because it would not wait…