How to turn off particle systems triggered from notifiers when the animation transitions to another animation

Similar to this question: How to turn off particle system triggered from notifiers - FX - Epic Developer Community Forums with the difference that I would like to know if it’s possible to turn off/remove the particle system when the animation (that contains it as a notify) transitions to another animation.

For example:
I have an animation to simulate an actor scanning from left to right. I added a notify that lasts the same as the animation. Then I have a transition to another animation when an event happens, let’s say the actor speed’s changes.
If the scan animation hasn’t finished its full cycle, it stops the movement and the second animation starts straightaway. However, the particle system is displayed until it finishes, no matter if the animation that emitted it is no longer playing.

Here are some screenshots:

Is there a way to force the particle system to stop when the animation does?


Hey Ines Leonhart -

In your example I am assuming that you want that scanning animation to play out no matter the character’s animation speed which I am assuming changes because of a power up or other game mechanic. In which case, you really want to also adjust the speed of the scanning which you can do via the emitter’s Custom Time Dilation setting which can be adjusted in the Blueprint which causes the player’s character to speed up.

Also as HomeRye mentions in the other linked Answerhub post, you may want to look into Kill on Deactivate and then set a Deactivate event in the character blueprint for this eventuality.

Thank You

Eric Ketchum