How to turn a BPS to Static Mesh that keeps the additives and subrative BPS as one

Sorry if the title is a bit confusing. Working on trying to create a building with an interior and i find the Unreal engine, the one I’m using is Unreal 4, is best when trying to do so. But i wish to make endings that would best work in either 3DS max or Maya afterwards. I am wondering how exactly can i take a my bps i created, turn it into a static mesh with all the holes and cuts from the subtractive bsps included, export it out as an fbx, import into Maya/3ds max so from there i can make my edits and than bring it back into Unreal 4. I have been having difficulties trying to do it in just one. Either completely doing it in unreal and having issues controlling the builder brush to make certain shapes i need it to do, but too hard to do in maya/max where i can’t tell if the building size and the windows and doors are perfect size.

If anyone can help me that would be great. I’ve already spent 2 days and pretty much got nothing done because i have run into so many problems with unreal 4. Also where is the CGS intersect and add tools located? I read this about unreal 3 but didn’t know if its what im trying to do or if it is even possible or if unreal 3 is different than unreal 4.

Here is a pic of what im trying make as one static mesh to export as an fbx to help you guys visually.Capture.JPG

I didn’t see you had this post and just suggested this on your other one. :slight_smile:

to include the subtractive brush with the additive when you are creating a static mesh you simply need to have them both selected when you click to create static mesh from brush option.


thank you so much ill try that