How to trigger overlap events from specific actors?


I’m a bit confused as to how to trigger this overlap event with a specific actor and not the player character.

The premise is that the bridge has a weight limit and carrying the box over the bridge will cause it collapse, thus I thought the simplest way would be to check if the box entered the trigger and apply damage to the fractured bridge planks.

This is as far as I got, I assumed the ‘other actor’ plug in meant that I could choose specific actors but I was wrong apparently.


Do I need to scrap the whole thing or is there some sort of node I can add to make it work?

Drag off the BeginOverlap event ‘Other Actor’ and select ‘Cast to [YourObjectType]’. Do this logic from the True node.

An alternate method, if the box is placed in the level (not spawned from code), is to add the box from the level (in the same way you’ve done ‘Cube_Breakable_DM’) and then use the Equal node to see if it’s the same actor. That way, you won’t have to create a new actor if your cube is just a static mesh actor with certain properties. My method really only works if there is a small number (ideally 1, you could check against as many as you want but you have to specify each individual) of boxes you want to check for. Of course, if you do use a cast, you can see the weight of the box(es), you aren’t limited to specific boxes, and you are able to have some boxes passable.