how to trigger multiple images inside a widget?

So this picture shows the grey menu and above it 4 scenarios of pressed buttons.
I would like for those “buttons” (images of buttons) to be “pressed” when a player is inside of a certain sublevel/overlaps with certain trigger boxes (so first image, of a pressed button to appear when the player is in the first sublevel, second while the player is in the second sublevel, etc.). (and of course, the buttons would be on the lower menu, I’m just showing them all together here)

How do I do this inside of a widget?
(and please bear in mind I’m very bad with blueprints lol)

Hi @stankela666

I gather the buttons are just images? not actual UMG buttons?

So basically you want to be able to trigger an event in your sublevels that communicates with the widget telling it what image to change to look pressed.

inside your widget you need maybe an event that then processes the changes.

Did i make that clear enough?