How to Trigger Blueprint Animation on Actor from Animation State Machine?

Hi – I followed this tutorial [here][1] to create an animation state machine, and it worked. I now want to include the state machine and the blueprints into an actor so that it is easier to add to, but am stumped on how to make the same events trigger on the actor. I have the Animation Blue Print linked to the actor, but the button presses I put into the level blueprint still only work on the State Machine instead of the Actor. I also took a look at this question [here][2]
The basic gist of what I am trying to accomplish is I want to be able to click certain keys in order to trigger different animations on one object for an interactive object animation project.

This is the level blueprint that triggers the object animation when just the Animation Blueprint object is in the level:

Also this is the flow of the Animation State Machine in my Animation Blueprint:

I have a feeling I will have to import some more blueprints into either the actor itself, or into the Animation Blueprint, but I am not sure how to go about it or what I would need.
What is the best way to go about this? Thanks a bunch in advance!

It’s a bit of a weird setup, must be the tutorial.

Anyway, that state machine is already what is choosing which animation to play, you just need to look at the code ‘inside’ those little double arrow things. It’s probably looking at a state variable, you have to change that variable.

EDIT: So, here


You’re changing the state variable, which is what changes the anim. You just need to do this stuff that’s in the level BP, inside the character ( that you’re casting to, I guess ).

Thank you for your reply!

I tried to do that, and it still didn’t work. I know the State machine chooses which animation to play, but I can’t get the switch to trigger on the actor, only on the Animation Blueprint when put into the scene.

Here is my actor’s BP, basically the same as the Level BP:

you mentioned that this was a strange set-up - is there a better way to set this up so that it works more efficiently? All I need to do is call on the state machine within the actor itself. Thanks again!


So I’m sure you’ve fixed this by now but I’m going to add this here in case someone in the future has a similar problem.

I believe I watched the same tutorial as yourself and to get it working within an actor blueprint you need to enable input for it to switch between states.

Enable Input