How to trigger blendspace with key input?

I am using blendspace to play my walk run idle and walk backward animations. However, my control set up as seen below is tank controls (character does not move left or right, but turns left or right when A or D is pressed):

Because of this, left and right turn animation cannot be assigned to blendspace slots because they occupy the same slot as idle animation (direction and speed 0) so instead I enumerated a list of blendspaces and created separate blendspaces for turning left and for turning right as shown below:

I also defined variables for turning left and turning right like this:

My issue is, now how do I call those two blendspaces for turning left and right? Please and thank you.

Hello! I think you can implement this just by one 2D Blendspace with two params - front linear velocity and angular velocity.

Hello, if it’s alright, can you show me a sample? I tried messing around with blendspace and blendspace 1d but i couldn’t find a way to make work, which is why, i thought the solution would be to have separate blendspaces for turning due to them occupying the same slot as idle animation.

You can just check Animation Starter Pack on Epic Store for some example. Here is Crouching movement with side stepping from it

Why dont just go from direction-velocity to velocity-angular velocity space? For idle it will be [0, 0] and for rotating [0, a] with some nonzero a

Sorry, perhaps it would be better to show you example of tank controls: Game dev diary 2 - YouTube
Turning in tank controls means your character’s direction and speed remains 0 so you cannot slot them in blendspace in the traditional way since they occupy the animation for idle which is also direction and speed 0. That is why I created separate blendspace for each and I am trying to call them when conditions are met.

I’m not sure how that could work with tank controls. In 3D controls, yes, it would be very easy, but my game is aimed to be similar to old horror games, hence why I am implementing traditional tank controls.