How to trigger animations


I was wondering how I could trigger animations for example, if my character is walking inside the game in first person and then he passes through a certain point, how do I make a first person animation trigger and blend in with his movement for example moving an object and then switch back to normal gameplay. Here is an example of what I’m asking about: watch the video from 3:38 to 3:52. Hope you get what I mean and thanks in advance.

There are a lot of ways to do that. If it’s a Player Character you could use a collision box and a play animation node. When the Player overlaps the box he plays an animation. Or you could link the animation to a key press event. Depends on your purpose and/or goal.

Thank you very much!

I have similar situation. I have a bi-fold door I imported in to UE4 from Blender. I want to use the animation of the door to be activated by a trigger volume when the character gets close. What would this node set up be like?

Here is a link to the imported animation.