How to trigger a Rotating Movement component by entering a trigger volume?


I’m new to the UE engine and blueprints. I spent ages finding a way to perform a task, which I did accomplish, but I feel like I’ve over complicated things (as I saw examples online of rotation which seemed to suggest it was possible to connect the Rotating Movement component directly to the Activate node but I couldn’t find a way to do that).

This is my task: I have a crate with a Rotating Movement component with AutoActivate off (and it rotates fine when AutoActivated). When the player’s character enters a volume (called PlayerNearsCrate), I want the crate to start rotating (using the crate’s Rotating Movement component settings). The blueprint is in the Level Blueprint.

This is my blueprint, which does work as intended, but I feel I’ve missed something. Is there a better way I should have done this?

Thanks for any help/advice.

Hello! Can you get Rotating Movement component just from MA_setDressing_C16? You are doing it with GetComponentByClass, but this is used when you cant reach it with Getter…

Hi. I tried but I found I could not get it to appear in the Level Blueprint. I could get Rotating Movement component if I was in MA_setDressing_C16’s blueprint, but then I couldn’t get the OnActorBeginOverlap to refer to the volume there. I think it’s something I am misunderstanding about what can be used in an actor’s BP versus what can be used in the level blueprint.

you need to set the mobility of your actor (where the rotating movement component is attached to) to “movable”. this code works fine - check for “isvalid” like i’ve don if you don’t get a movement