How to trigger a box by other (specific amount of) trigger boxes?

There’s probably half a dozen ways to pull it off. Once the correct box activates the correct button, can it be undone? Does the mechanics allow for removing the correct box from the correct button?

Considering this is a button being pushed (you surely have you own method for this),
we’re interested in its isPushed state and dispatching that data:

You could listen to those Delegate Calls anywhere (here, in the Player blueprint but it does not matter much) like so:

  • we count all buttons and register their calls
  • whenever a button is pushed, it calls a dispatcher
  • this blueprint monitors calls and counts them
  • matching or exceeding the number of pushed buttons calls the desired event
  • this accounts for buttons getting unpushed, too

Image from Gyazo

Hello! I have a level in my game which the player has to drag colorful boxes, into a specific button with the same color.

and i want when all the buttons are pressed the door to open.

all the boxes are blueprint class actors.


how can i make when the buttons are pressed (all of them) the door to open?