How to transition from level start cutscene to gameplay?

First off i want to say that i am pretty new to unreal.

So i am making a demo level to show off and i wanted to ask 2 things 1)How do I transition from level start cutscene to gameplay? and 2) how do I make my character bust through a door in the cutscene?

Relevant sidenote i am using the modular warehouse asset for my demo level.

For #2, do you want the door to shatter or just open really fast like he kicked it but it stays on its hinges?

either one

You can trigger the door to burst open in whatever way you chose (destructible mesh, rotating static mesh, whatever),
by the timing of a Sequence (make it happen WHEN the character is passing through) or by triggering it with an Overlap Volume (make it happen BECAUSE the character is passing through).

I don’t know how to transition from a cutscene because I haven’t worked with Sequences myself yet, but when you want to start gameplay, one thing you have to do is make the Player Controller possess a Pawn. The other thing might be to use the Camera Manager node to move the viewpoint to the pawn. Not sure if it will do that on Possess automatically or not.

Question 1 You could start a camera fade to a color and then open the gameplay level and fade in on the gameplay level.

Question 2
I would highly recommend using sequencer to create your cutscene. Here is a great video tutorial on the topic created by Epic Games [Cinematics with Sequencer][2]