How to transfer 'using VRPN inputs' functionality from UE 4.26 to UE 5?

I would like to move the eyepoint in an nDisplay configuration around the scene using a VRPN server. I have a working nDisplay configuration from UE 4.26 which I am trying to transfer to UE5.
In version 4.26 I created a camera and parented that to a scene node for which the position was controlled by a vrpn server. All this was defined in the nDisplay configuration file.

‘Using VRPN inputs’ functionality does not exist from version 4.27, replaced by ‘Live Link VRPN’ In version 5 I have enabled all of the relevant Live Link plugins, added a source and subject for my vrpn server, and can see the data being received in the frame data. Now in order to achieve the same functionality I think I need to apply this data to a component in the nDisplay configuration such a moveable eye point. However when I add a Live Link Controller to my nDisplay configuration there is no ‘component to control’ option which is shown in the documentation for Live Link VRPN (although I’m aware the documentation is not up to date).

If I drag the nDisplay configuration into the main window then I do see a ‘component to control’ option, though this seems to just be a preview and making changes here will not have any effect.

I am new to unreal so it’s possible some of my assumptions about the use of these components is wrong. If there is an alternative solution for my use-case please let me know!

Same kind of problem here, in the document of 4.27-5.x, it says the vrpn server should have openvr support, but never give out a download link for that server, should I rely on and compile this one? : zhouhs88/vrpn-openvr (
I don’t understand why rely on openVR, and not original vrpn compatible?!