How to transfer the character from position to another position in same map?

Hi all,

I’m a fresh unreal engine user.

I learned how to design a good map & I added a third person shooter to my game. Also, I learned how to build the main menu and pause menu.

Now, I need to learn how to make the character transfer from position to different position.

I created a map. It’s only a small room and its door is closed.
I like to make the character transfers from outside to inside the room when the player presses a key (for example O).
I want to do fade out from outside, then fade in to inside and vice versa.

Could u help me with this event please?

Thanks a lot…

Do you could setup a keybindevent? What do you mean with fading?

For the first part, you can get the position of your current third person character and just change it to your new position inside the room. If needed you can get the transform and do that as well if you need to change your rotation of the new location.

For the 2nd part you can add a matinee to your map, add a new director group, and add a fade track to the directory group. using this fade track you can fade in/out the camera to and from black.

Google has more information on how to do this in detail, I would suggest looking into doing it like so: Design the matinee with a fade track and an event track. Have it fade to black, then call an event on the event track which you would then use to move the player while the screen is black, then have the fade track go from black back to normal so you are now in the new position

Thank you very much :slight_smile: both of you…

I will do some experiments now…

I added a fade track and an event track, but I couldn’t call the event track in the level Blueprint.

Could you help me with this please?

Perhaps here _

I already followed this page Animating Characters and Objects in Unreal Engine | Unreal Engine 5.2 Documentation
But same problem. I can’t get my event in the blueprint.

This is should be appeared.


But I got this…

Sry i have not enough knowledge of matinee, but is it not possible to use a timeline instead, create a curve with events there and use that (to trigger)?
You can even make external curves, to reuse.

Ok… I will see…