How to trace where your character has previously walked.

Hello! I would love to add a mechanic to where as the main character walks around, they create a line either painted directly on the floor or produced from there mid body that is created behind there body and stays there for the remainder of the round. Think like tron except you can go through these lines and the lines can overlap, like having paint brushes attached to your feet. The floor idea I may prefer more but I am not really sure how to get started on that. Being a noob and all the only idea I can come up with is creating box collisions that map out these lines as the characters enters the collisions, but that sounds really extensive and I betcha there’s a much better and simpler way, any ideas?

Hey, I think a solution would be to use a spline mesh, by refreshing it every x ticks, and on each refresh, just change the spline end point to be the new position of the player, and add the previous point(according to forums, there may be problem with adding points to spline at runtime, see :…nt-on-realtime).
If this is the case, just go for a similar option as on the forum post, by adding new spline meshes. I don’t have access to ue right now but something like this should work.

Here’s a pseudo bp of the second solution :

On refresh -> Add spline mesh component -> Set start and target points
spline -> Target
last pos -> StartPos
actual pos -> EndPos

I’ve just saw the spaces got deleted which remove all coherence in the “graph”, hope it still help

Ik, that’s not beautiful but yeah…
Maybe keep an array / a set of the splines to remove them after a while.