How to trace an object which can't be edited

Hi, I am using 2D Scene Capture to create a rearview mirror for my car.
The car already has a rearview mirror but the mirror is not reflective. I know how to use 2D Scene capture but I just want to figure out a way to trace my rear-view mirror (Does not highlight when clicked on) so that I can add the 2D Scene Capture to the to an object with the same shape. It’s a rectangular shape but the lines are not completely straight. I have no idea how I could copy the same shape. I know how to make spheres and rectangles. Is there an easy way to trace this shape?


I think, if in your model rearview’s mirror has it’s own separate material, you can directly use your render target in it. If it’s using same material as other parts, then you can export your model and either copy the mirror’s poligons or set a separated material element.

I believe there’s an option to do it without exporting, but i’m not familiar with UE modeling tools enough.

How exactly would I do that? Pictures would help a lot!

I believe this question is bit more on general side, so it’s better if I outline the high level workflow and if there any troubles at any point you will be able to formulate more specific questions and search for answers for them. Sorry, I’m not at the computer to give more detailed answer.

  1. Check if mirror is a separated material. Basically just open your asset and check whether there is a material slot that applied only to that mirror part.
  2. if its is not separated, you need to export your model, assign a material to the mirror part in your DCC, and reimport edited mesh back to UE. (again it’s probably possible to do in engine). btw, make sure it has correct non distorted flat UVs.
  3. Create and assign material that samples that render target from your SceneCapture2D (I assume you have SceneCapture2D and it’s render target working already)

You may need to fiddle with SceneCapture2D and render target’s properties like size and Capture source.