How to toggle visibility and collision on a volume with blueprint

i’m a blueprint begginer. i would like that on an event a volume becomes visible and block all collision.
i though about using a blocking volume and looked for a way to change these 2 parameters, but it seems that it is not possible.
i’m stucked!
could someone help me to realize this ?
starting situation: volume is invisible and pawn can go through it
event: let say i press the “k” button
result: volume becomes visible and pawn can no more gor through it (nothing can)

THank you in advance for your precious help


Just use an actor bp with a mesh or a volume which has a collision (block all). Then use the “set collision enabled node” to turn the collision on/off and the “Toggle Visibility” to hide/unhide the mesh/volume. :slight_smile: e.g in my case it hide and disable the collision at the beginning of the game. When I overlap the volume (box1) it turns on the collision + the mesh appears