How to toggle "Orient Rotation to Movement"

is there a way to toggle “Orient Rotation to movement” in a blueprint? I want my character to turn to the mouse when i’m clicking but orient to movement when I release, I currently do it by toggling “Use Controller Rotation Yaw”, but I think it would be safer if I also disable Orient Rotation to Movement.

also is it possible to make the Character transition smoothly to the controller rotation? when I enable “Use Controller Rotation Yaw” the character turns immediately to the controller rotation, but when I disable it, it turns back smoothly to the movement direction.

Thank you very much

Hey BoteRock,

You can access Orient Rotation to Movement via the Character Movement component of your Character blueprint–to call this from the blueprint itself you can use the following node setup:

Hope that helps!


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Can’t find “Orient Rotation to Movement” in version 5.4.1 , need some help please.

Uncheck ‘Context Sensitive’ (top right) when searching, it’s hidden otherwise