How to toggle multiple objects by input?

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i have a small problem with my inputs… i have created two “events” in blueprint, the first one is supposed to change from the character camera to one in my map and the second one toggles a invisbile static mesh. Both events worked just great when tested seperate but as soon as i put them in the same map they fire up at the same time regardless on which trigger sphere i stand on/in. I its not a bug but maybe you know what i mean and someone has a solution hehe


Trying to get a better understanding of what you are after, are you trying to have the two trigger volumes do different things in the same map and are you also trying to enable/disable input when entering the trigger volume?


Hey there :smiley:
simplified said i want to have two or more trigger volumes that for example toggle in each case a different mesh… with my current approach causes all meshes to toggle because all of them are triggered if a key is pressed. so if the user gets to the next trigger the mesh is already toggled… that’s not what i want to achieve :smiley:

i recorded a short example of what the problem looks like…

here is what the blueprint looks like:


Thanks for posting the video, I see what you are trying to do now more clearly.

It appears that you are doing this in the Level Blueprint? What looks to be happening is that the Enable Input command is called when overlapping either Trigger Box. Since X is only looking for the Enable Input command, it won’t matter which box you overlap as you are saying “Enable Input” when overlapping either box.

Here’s what I’d suggest, make an Actor Blueprint with your mesh, a trigger box, and a Text Render component like so:

And set the visibility of the Text Render to off by default.

Then in the Blueprint EventGraph, do something like you had before:

Now you can drag/drop this in your level and the triggers/input will be specific to each instance and won’t affect each other.


For additional flexibility, you can also add this to the ConstructionScript of the Actor Blueprint - this will allow you change out the mesh to whatever you want as well as scale it without it affecting the other instances you may have placed in your level.

Hope this gets you what you are after.


I did pretty much exactly what Wes Bunn did, as I am following the tutorials right now.

However, I am not sure if this deserves a secondary question post. But I have overlapping trigger boxes. (multiple lights, on seperate blue prints)

And with that exact code Wes Bunn has, if I am inside 2 trigger boxes, it only turns on/off 1 of the lights. IF I move ever so slightly outside 1(but inside the other) then I can trigger the other light. Is there a way to turn on multiple lights (that are seperate blueprint objects?)


edit:proof of my exact blueprint

and component, with trigger

For anyone interested, I found the solution myself just now.

In the input, in my case the letter ‘F’ you need to disable “consume input”
As seen here

had the same problem and that solved it. thanks.

Thanks so much for posting your solution!