How to Titanfall wall run?

Well, I was wondering about how to make a wall run similar to the Titanfall game one.

I know about to use traces for detecting wall collision and thinks like that but, how to actualy perform the player to walk on it?

Anyone has an idea?

Thank you!

In my game, the player doesn’t actually “run” on the wall at all.

If the game detects that he should be able to wall run, it alters gravity’s effect to make him fall more slowly and simply uses launch commands configured orthogonal to the surface normal to send him forward. So technically, he’s in a “falling” state, but by making him fall slowly and also shoot forward, and changing the animation to look correct, I can fake a “wall run”.

Which, honestly, is probably what you WANT, since typically a “wall run” doesn’t give the player control over their movement. They can’t go slower or faster or change direction, it’s not handled the same way normal walk/run commands are. It’s simply propelling the player along a straight line (or curve) which touches the wall.

Thank you for your reply, I was thinking on doing that but Im a bit worried about this system

Anyway Ill try it and let here the results, Im concerned about the player feeling, wall snaping and so on.

If someone has more ideas I would be happy to hear them too! :slight_smile:

PD: (Dont think I´m not valoring your answer!, I´m currently working with that one)

There is a wall run kit on the Marketplace, may offer some insight on how to achieve what you want.

The UT wall slide seems to basically lower the gravity exactly as you describe. I saw in the UTCharacterMovement GetGravity method they check if you are wall sliding, and if you are it lowers the gravity.

You should also be able to add another movement type. I’m not sure how doable this is without getting into the C++. There’s PHYS_WALKING, FALLING, SWIMMING, CUSTOM, etc… You could probably add another type, or just do something in CUSTOM. And then in blueprint do your CUSTOM movement code.

Thank you guys, I didnt knew that UT had a wall running functionality, Ill take a look into it