How To Tile Mesh Along Spline Component Evenly?

I’ve done Dokipen’s tutorial and it works fine, but I have to specify the number meshes. How do I get this to work without specifying the number of meshes (to prevent stretching and tile a mesh)?


Here’s a way I’ve done it. The length of the spline divided by whatever spacing you want gives the amount of meshes, then multiply the current index by the spacing to get distance along the spline for the location


This kind of does what I want, but it doesn’t take into consideration the rotation, so all meshes are rotates the same way and don’t deform to the spline. Any ideas?

I figured out rotation, but I get this weird issue on hard curves:

Ah, my explanation was just for placing meshes along a spline, but you are doing a spline mesh, are you? If you download the “Blueprint Splines Track” project from the Learn tab of the Launcher, it will help you a lot

Thanks! I just gave this a try, and while nice, I still face the issue where it’s stretching my mesh between spline points. Should I just keep spline points close and pay attention to stretching? Is there no way to have it just add meshes as it needs them until the spline is full? Thanks!

Does your mesh have enough polygons to allow it to deform smoothly?

You may have to add enough spline points though yes, though if you’ve combined what I said above with a spline mesh blueprint, it might work without doing that. I’m not sure, I’d have to see your blueprint.

Doh! No, it didn’t. Thanks so much. Subdivided my mesh a bit and now it is SOO smooth.