How to throw control over to iOS?

So I am building a new project in Unreal Editor 4.10

It is basically an architecture visualization project. On tap of a specific wall or furniture, I want it to change color or texture depending upon the actor tapped.

I have gone through the plugin for ‘Rama’s Color Picker’. As of now the latest version it supports is 4.09. Waiting for it to get updated to 4.10

Anyway, currently I want the game to work in the following way:

  1. User taps on furniture/wall
  2. Game throws control over to iOS
  3. App displays it’s iOS default colour picker or custom texture selection tool
  4. Upon confirmation, app sends back information to game
  5. Game changes colour of tapped object

Any idea on how can I achieve this?


So are you wanting the game to be working on a mac and a ipad or something at the same time?

It’s only for the iPad