How To - Third Person to First Person Camera Toggle?

Hi guys I’m not too new to unreal but I still cant figure this out…

You know how in gta V you can change the camera angle in like 20 different ways? lol.
Well, I’m just trying to do that but just with 1 angle.

I want to be able to press a button ex: Press “V” key to … (switch camera angle)
But only on pressed, I don’t want to have to sit here holding the “V” key.

I want to press the key, the camera Zoom in to whatever position I want it to, and stay in that position
until the key is pressed again.

I already know it’s going to consist of some sort of flip flop node, I just really cant figure this out.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks!!
(the pic below is the only thing I could find and it didnt work for me)

alt text

There’s a lot of stuff on utube about this sort of thing.

Learn about camera blends ( you have more than once cam, but it looks like the cam is moving around ):

So you do a flip flop, and each branch does a view target with blend to and from a pair of cameras...