How to test my game with a custom character?


I am currently encountering an issue, if I try to test my game inside the viewport.

If I hit ‘play’ to test my stuff, I’d ideally want to posess my ‘PlayerCharacter’ that is allready placed inside the level. But instead I end up at the ‘NetworkPlayerStart’ (controlling an additionally spawned ‘PlayerCharacter’).

If I try to remove the ‘NetworkPlayerStart’, the game spawns the “additional” character right at the position of the “editor-camera”.

Of course I tried setting up my LevelBlueprint and WorldSettings, but must be doing (or understanding) something really wrong here, because I can’t find the mistake.


TL;DR, How can I test my game as the instance of my ‘PlayerCharacter’ that is allready placed inside the level?


Hey, thanks for the quick response… however I am a little confused, how exactly this answers my question. Could you please elaborate a little more?

haha sry mate had the wrong link still in my Clipboard x) I Edited the Answer with the right one.

It really was that easy…

I hate myself right now... Thanks for the help though! :D