How to Test Mod Ingame Without Messing With The Current One

Hey guys, I was wondering if there was a way for test my mod in the game. I don’t want to touch my current version that’s on the workshop because I don’t want to to break. My idea was to upload another test version that only I could see, but my biggest worry is no being able to go back and update the original. Are these false worries?

the special launcher post in the forum here seem to be able to do it :slight_smile:

otherwise you could try creating an hidden workshop item and change the steam upload each time with the good one (the hidden for test purpose and the normal for release)

and last, you can launch the game using the standalone game launch option no? i’m not sure how it work so that’s maybe useless.

I do 3 things:

  1. I keep an “original” files list of all PrimalEarth files… this is my go-to place if I really screw up a TC file.
  2. I track what changes I make to any blueprint in a separate spreadsheet. So if I need to completely rebuild the mod… or restore an original and re-create it… I know what I do (yes, it slows you down a bit but it’s worth it)
  3. I upload my last cooked folder to a separate, hidden workshop mod.

Mostly I do my testing in PIE… there are very few occasions where I really need to test it in a full single-player or dedi instance.

I have been surprised quite a bit by what will work in PIE and not ingame (animations can be especially annoying) so I think it is good practice to have a hidden (a beta if you will) version of your mod that you can upload and test on, then when you are sure it is working good, send it through on your main mod page.

Ok thanks guys! Yeah I noticed some things that were different which is quite annoying.