How to test login and EOS_InvalidUser ?


I’m trying to test the login workflow and I can’t find a way to have EOS_InvalidUser returned in the login callback.
Do we have to use external accounts (I’ve had InvalidUser in this case)? Can we test this using the DevAuthPortal?


PS: Additional question slightly off-topic, is there a way to test the token renewal without waiting for 60 (!) minutes? (see Epic Games Store Testing Guide | Epic Online Services Developer) Maybe a debug mode somewhere?


Are you referring to EOS_InvalidUser being returned by EOS_Auth_Login when signing in with an external account that isn’t linked? Or, are you referring to EOS_InvalidUser being returned by EOS_Connect_Login the first time a player logs in (no PUID for this player)? I’m assuming EOS_Connect_Login as you mentioned a 60 minutes token (EOS_Auth_Login is 120), but I’ll answer both!

If you’re referring to EOS_Auth_Login, you will need to login using an external account (Steam, etc…) that isn’t linked to an Epic Games Account… When EOS_InvalidUser is returned you’ll need to call EOS_Auth_LinkAccount.

If you’re referring to EOS_Connect_Login, you will need to login using any account (Epic Games, Steam, etc…) for the first time to your product. As there would be no Product User Id (PUID) for this account, EOS_InvalidUser will be returned. At this point you can call EOS_Connect_CreateUser using the ContinuanceToken. If a player has already played the game and is logging in with another external account, EOS_InvalidUser is also returned and in this case you would want to have them login with the account they played the game with in the past and call EOS_Connect_LinkAccount.

The token renewal time is hardcoded.


Thanks Seb for your reply,
Is there also a way to remove the PUID of an account in Dev/Stage to avoid creating a new account everytime we want to test the workflow?

The account is tied to the product, not a specific deployment. If you delete it, it will also delete it in LIVE. For a test account though that should be fine. In the DevPortal under Accounts you can search by Player Id and delete the user.

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