How to test buying add-ons

We want a sustainable way to regularly test our EGS Ecom implementation for buying add-ons and I can’t think of a way to accomplish that.
We can deliver keys for our QA team to redeem those, but once they did the add-on cannot be removed from their account or am I missing something?


Two paths I can think of:

  1. Create new test accounts for each QA iteration. Use the “+” trick to make additional email addresses for the same account (most email providers support this.)
  2. Issue a refund of the “purchase” after testing, and hope that the refund process is fast enough and works well enough that it’s reset by the next time you need to test.

Thanks for the quick answer, the multiple account would work and thanks for the trick.

Seems painful though, would you think there is a solution using Deployments? Like each time we need a “wipe” we create a new deployment. But I’m not sue that addon purchases are separated from one deployment to another.

I’m guessing the refund would only be available for an offer that is already available? in that case it wouldn’t work for us as we’re still in dev stages.

The ability to self refund/remove entitlements is a feature request we have and something we hope to improve in the future. Its admittedly a bit of a limited/clunky process right now short of our team manually revoking entitlements or requesting “refunds”.

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Thank you @maestersid1, can you let me know how to request this manual refund process for a game still in Dev/Stage sandbox? We don’t intend to ask your teams to often do it, but we might need it to happen at some point for a few of our QA accounts…

Probably best to create a Private Discussion at Epic Online Services (EOS) Developer Support

You would want to include which entitlement/item you need revoked and the Epic Accounts that need to have them removed.


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