How to test a mod on a server when in steam is hidden?

Hello I would like to know how I can do that, because every time I put it in the dark, no server recognizes it. I want to try the mod to see how the process goes.

Best way I found is to make the mod public when uploading and place in the Description “THIS IS A TEST MOD, IF YOU SUBSCRIBE YOU WILL CRY”

another option is to manually install the mod onto the server. download it via your profile, than copy and paste over to server

Please don’t do as the second post suggested. There are way to many “Test” mods that need to be removed from the workshop. If you want to load it to a server then just make it public, upload it to the server, and then hide it or make it friends only.

If you are using ASM you can specify credentials that it will use when downloading mods. When credentials are specified, you can download any mods that that steam account has access to. I use ASM on a spare machine to run a dedicated server that is password protected. I use my steam account for the mod downloads so that I can keep them hidden while testing. With this method, you never have to change your mod to visible until its ready. FWIW, ASM utilizes SteamCMD to download the mods. You could also probably do the same thing using just steamcmd if you don’t have ASM or are testing on a linux server.