How to tell ue4 to procedurally fill specific volume boxes with modular game assets?

Each asset has anchor points. 2 meshes connect with each other only via this anchor point.
Assets are modular.
I place various volume boxes or just one.

Volume box visible in the picture. If they a volume box is inside another one, the meshes will go thru the connection and connect both volume boxes.

I’d also like to be able to set how much of the volume box should be filled with assets. That picture up there would perhaps be 70% full. With 100% we would not see the gaps on the left side of the big volume box. And we would have more small curve blocks.

Thank you.

Use procedurally generated foliage

Procedural foliage does not pay attention to where objects should snap to each other.

If you want that level of sophistication, you need to write your own procedural object spawner, or you will have to buy a plugin like the Dungeon Architect plugin.

(Actually, I think Dungeon Architect could do almost exactly what you want with one of its “snap” objects, except you’d have to tweak it for the “percent full” bit.)

i bought this one.…ator-wfc-basic
does everything, i guess.