How to tell if an actor has negative rotation in blueprint?

Is it possible to know whether an actor has negative rotation? (in blueprints).

Use a bool… Break rotator (or right click output, split struct pin), compare each axis with < 0. This code would be suitable for a function, if you need to call it after the actor has rotated. The bool will be true if any rotations were below 0.

GetActorRotation returns a value between -180 and 180. I think -180 is 360 degrees, and 180 is 0 degress, im not quite sure if that precisely correct, but I do know GetActorRotatin cannot tell you if the rotation in degrees, is negative or not.

Edit: I only just realized, this information about whether the degrees of rotation is negative is not even available in the editor/transform UI, so I can only assume it doesn’t exist. Which makes sense. there are very few cases where you would need to know if the rotation is negative or not. almost none that I can think of.

I’m not sure what you mean. Can you define what you’re talking about when you say “negative” rotation, then? All rotations are essentially 0 to 360 degrees. Subtract 360 if over 360, add 360 if below 0. -180 to positive 180 just helps you remember if the object rotated counterclockwise or clockwise.

Right, well thanks for confirming that @Capsu1, I did not realize negative degrees rotations did not exists until earlier today.
My use case for this is very obscure, I can probably find another way :slight_smile: