How to teleport...

I have 2 identical rooms. I want to teleport the player from one room to the other and maintain its relative location in the room. The end location needs to update every time the player changes his location. If my explanation doesn’t help I also attached an illustration what I want to achieve.

The purpose is to trick the player into thinking he is in room B when in fact he is in room A.

If you always know the room sizes and can set this up on a case by case basic, like your example above…

Get the player location and add or subtract 500 (500 being whatever the distance is, in example 1 it would be the distance marked by the green arrow) in the x axis, then set the actor location of your player to this. You could use a flip flop node to either add or subtract each time.

I’m unsure of the exact project/game structure of your game, but I see no reason why you couldn’t just use “set actor location” on your player pawn when you’d like to teleport. If you’re wondering how to get the same relative position of the two rooms, consider using some unmoving part of your room as a reference point, get it’s location, then decide where to move the player based on that.

Thanks for help. I solved the issue.