How to teleport enemy when light touches them?

Hi, I’m trying to make an enemy AI teleport to a specific location when touched by light which the player can toggle on and off.

I have the lights set up, I just need help figuring out the rest. A visual blueprint would help a lot!

you can do that with line traces or better with a cone trace. Just check when the light is on if you hit the enemy with the trace. And then teleport the enemy. I dont think unreal has a cone trace but here is something i fond that might work for you Hacky little cone trace using progressively larger sphere traces along the route. posted by irjayjay | blueprintUE | PasteBin For Unreal Engine

I was hoping I could do something more simple, like have an invisible object which turns on and off (whilst still invisible) that when it touches the enemy it will cause him to teleport

hmm you could use a collision component to detect when the enemie overllaps with that. But then you have the problem that you can detect him through walls (i guess you dont want that). So in order to fix that would would again need to do a line trace … So having a combination of collider and trace would also work