How to Teleport an enemy behind the player with EQS

Hey guys I been watching a couple of tutorials related to AI and I wanted to give it a try, I’m going to show you what I have so far and maybe that way you can point out where I went wrong about it.

I’m going to explain the pictures and my reasoning behind why I did it this way.

Picture 0) I’m generating a grid around the player(which is called enemy)

Picture 1) I’m filtering based on the visibility of the player and telling the filter it’s not a bool match(meaning he would get teleport to a location I have no vision of)

Picture 2) This one is scoring based on the distance of the player since I don’t want to spawn in the exact location of the player, this one is the one that confuses me the most because if I’m testing above for the visibility why is it spawning inside of me most of the times?

Picture 3) This is the task that is handling the Teleport, I’m casting to the main player to grab the look at rotation and getting the TeleportLocation blackboard key for the location on the teleport

Let me know if you also have some training videos or articles that are related to EQS since I want to learn more about it :slight_smile: