How to teleport after collect all collectables?

Hello; I am really close to finish my first game. I have done so many things so far by tutorials etc. But still I don’t have that much information about Bluprints/Class system.
So I am trying to add this mechanic to the game; A door is locked, I have to collect all keys to teleport to the other room.
I already have Locked Door BP, but how can I add a teleportation and counting system to that?

This is the door’s blueprint;

And this the key’s Blueprint;

If you help me to solve this, I will be so appreciated.

There are many way to solve it, I may have a solution but it might not be the best.

First create a int var in your character bp call key needed.
and a var of type door
and you create even saying like when keyneeded is smaller than one, thing happen

Then in your level BP you set the character var key needed using cast to mycharacter and you link it to player character(search it in the blueprint system you will probably find it)
you also set the var door of the character to the door in the level.

finaly, your key Bp simply need to state that when it is retreive you make the key needed minus 1 and you call the event you created.

it might be a little annoying for solution because if you add a key to your level, you have to modify it in your level blueprint and you also have to settle all your level individually, but I personnaly think it is acceptable since it is very easy and fast to setup.

Anyhow, dont hesitate if you think my explanation is not clear enought I might triy to make blueprint visual

Hello, thank you for your time and helping me; but I do not understand that part;

which is the beginning. :slight_smile:

If you have time to visualize that, I don’t know how much I will thankful.

Thanks already.