How to teleport a movable object with physic in Blueprint?


I’m trying to teleport an object with physic and it doesn’t seem to be working. I have created a blueprint that contains the Mesh and then tried the Teleport function, the object doesn’t move and stays there. I’ve also tried Set world Transform and Set Actor Location, to no avail. It looks as if these functions only work on Pawn and not on dynamic actors? Does anyone know if it’s possible to move objects (other than pawn) with Physic using these functions in Blueprint?

And if so, how?


make sure your object is movable (not static)

Yeah, they are. All the components are set to movable.

Are you able to move objects with Physic (not pawn or characters). If so it means I’m doing something wrong, or have the wrong settings maybe for my object.

Also, the object can receive physic impulse and is colliding with the environment. But won’t teleport or move if I do it through Blueprint.

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