How to teleport a movable Actor with physic in Blueprint?


I’m trying to teleport an object (Actor) with physic and it doesn’t seem to be working. I have created a blueprint that contains the Mesh and then tried the Teleport function, the actor doesn’t move and stays there. I’ve also tried Set world Transform and Set Actor Location, to no avail. It looks as if these functions only work on Pawn / Characters and not on dynamic (movable) actors?

The object responds to physic impulse (i.e. Add Impulse) and is colliding with the environment, but won’t teleport.

Does anyone know if it’s possible to move Actors (other than pawn) using Physic using the Blueprint functions (and how to do it)?


The way I got it to work was to set the world location of the mesh component of the actor, and not the actor itself. It seems to work fine for now.

Pretty much (after a lot of crying on my side because of how blatantly obvious it was xC ), select your object in the level, look at the “Details” panel on the right and scroll down to the “Collisions” options. There’s a little check-box there that says “Generate Overlap Events”. Hit that button. Should now work. :’)

You need to SetWorldLocation of the actor’s Root Component and enable the teleport option.

(Old question but it’s #1 in a search so I figured why not give the correct answer)

Wow 2014!
Honestly I can’t even remember posting this question… And yes, it is extremely blatantly obvious.
Come on younger, less experienced, me; should’ve just looked up a ■■■■ tutorial!

Woah… and the comment I replied to previously was 2016… Was I seriously stuck on this until then? I don’t even remembering responding to my own question… :I