How to Teach a newbie Game Development?

I have a friend who is a traditional artist. He is very skilled at sculpting, illustration and painting. I mean in 20 minutes he can draft an original looking dragon sketch that looks awesome. Anyway, we want to start a project developing a small game. More or less as a hobby project between friends.

Here is the thing though. He doesn’t know what it takes to make a game. I’d like to introduce some of the concepts to him just so he has an idea of what it takes. Ideally I think if he could transfer his artistic ability to the digital world, he could do great. He is very interested in learning.

The question is, where do I start? I have never made a game myself, but I have a done a little of everything (modeling, texturing, animating and programming).

BTW, I know how some people feel about teamwork here, please I don’t want to hear your opinions on that matter…

Thank you

is he interested in going digital?if he doesn’t have the passion for it your wasting your time.

if he does,start where his talents are.sculptris-mudbox.this will peak his interest and show him software basics.

Based on his skills, maybe game art will suit him.

Yeah give him to try Sculptris software. Its as simple as a modeling software gets, free, and a person with eye for sculpting can do great looking things with it.
His interest may fall a bit when he has to optimize the stuff for game models though, lol.

Just try to make few simple games, that will help.

Better believe it offers him to attempt Sculptris programming. Its as basic as a displaying programming gets, free, and a man with an eye for chiseling can do extraordinary looking things with it. I play subway surfers game apk at His advantage may fall a bit when he needs to enhance the stuff for amusement models.

Give him a tutorial and tell him to follow them to the letter. That’s how I’m learning!

Start with the basics. Have your friend just use the basic walls to create a room. Toss a few assets in there after. Do basic BP like to turn on a light then off. That’s what I did when I used UDK years ago. Just seeing how it comes together got me sucked in more into wanting to do development.

My whole point is that he has one done.

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