How to take the speed of a mesh on a spline to show in a widget?

Can you upload the screenshots of your BPs’ event graphs? Also the time line if possible.

hello, i would want to post the speed of a mesh moving on a spline in a widget but i do not manage to get back the speed. You know how to do this? sorry for my so bad english :’(

Hi, I’m not sure how you have set up the moving mesh to follow your spline but in the actor which has the mesh, you can use get velocity node for the mesh and then get vector length from the previous node in the even graph. This gives you speed of the actor (the mesh) You can then cast this to the widget BP.

I’m assuming that you have the mesh as / in an actor.

Hello and thank you for your answer, yes I have my mesh which moves on the looped spline with a timeline simply, I sent back the velocity towards my widget but I have no value of speed to show in the screen

For a character that works, not for a mesh on a spline…

Hey, I have to check it out. I’m away from my computer right now. I’ll have to see tomorrow.