How to take specific assets from downloaded packs?

Hello everybody,

I am just starting to use UE and I downloaded the stonepine forest pack from the marketplace.

I am wondering if I can I copy only the assets I want in a sub-folder inside my content folder and put the rest of the assets to an external drive, since I won’t be using them.

When I try to do it, the mesh and the materials turn white. I think it has something to do with the name of the original folder being changed (?)

My content folder is already getting extremely clustered with various downloads, and I don’t have the disk space to keep unecessary assets.

So how can I keep only what I need and put it in a different folder than the original without breaking everything?


You need to use the “migrate” function to get all dependent textures/materials/etc.

What I do, is create a separate project that just has all the packs I want to take things from, added to it. Then I open up this project, and “migrate assets” (right-clicking in the content drawer) into the “real” project that only wants some assets.
You have to either run two editor processes (make sure you have enough RAM!) or re-open projects to go back and forth.


As mentioned, migrate the desired assets into a content folder on your external drive, then delete all assets in your original project when you’re done. Copy the assets from the hard drive back to the main content folder and you’re done!

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Thank you for replying.

Migrating is solving half of my problem. The other half is the location where I am allowed to migrate the assets.

The only place in which UE assets work is under the content folder? This seems counter-intuitive. For example, I have picked 20 static meshes (trees) that I like over a total of 50 trees from 3 different developers. I thought I could put the ones I picked in a dedicated folder called “trees”, in order to find them easily. But they don’t work when I migrate them there. The materials turn white again.

Am I forced to keep 3 different folders in my content folder, instead of gathering all similar assets in one place?

Maybe I am missing something here?

EDIT: Yep, turns out I am missing my brain. I migrated the assets in the content folder of my project, and THEN I could move them wherever I wanted.
I am leaving this here for anyone who might have this question in the future.

Thanks for the replies guys!


I agree with this. I want the opposite > each Person’s content in its own folder hierarchy. So I have have their Sounds separate from 10 other sound folders, so I know which set belongs to who.

But as for you, I would make a copy of whoever’s asset, rename it to _2 or _my, and move that copy to your Main folder of whatever.