How to take screenshots automatically and use them

So I am just wondering in what direction I need to be looking to automatically take screen shots through out game-play and then show them as a kind of slide show during a sleep period like a dream. I just don’t have any idea where I should even start looking at to start looking for myself so if anyone can give me an idea I would appreciate it.

A blueprint solution would be best if possible.

I suggest using execute console command with “HighResShot 1920x1080” argument. It works in shipping build. Also, you could use BlueprintFileUtilities to get access to saved shots.



How to:

  1. Create a UserWidget and add the button “Take Screenshot” to it, buttons “Next” and Previous", and Image to show your shots:

  2. Create a function to get saved shots:

  3. Add var Brushes array to store your loaded shots inside it:

  4. Apply a brush with your loaded shot to the Image:

  5. Load shot and make brush from it:

  6. Load saved shots on construct:

  7. Take Screenshot:

It is better to replace the node “Delay” with a callback, but this is a subject for a separate post.

  1. Buttons “Previous” and “Next”:

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Thank you for the in depth answer I will definitely be trying this immediately.

awesome. thank you!